Some Router hacks you should know

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One can do a lot of experiments with the wood, making small edges and molding projects seem easy but need to be performed with safety.

There are a number of tricks and tips you need to follow to enhance your skills.

1. Use two feather boards on the router table and it will help you in getting accuracy while shaping the wood. It will help the wood to remain in place and you will be able to handle the smallest of cuts and chances of injuries is also the least. Even though these cuts are very tiny, still it results in smoother and straight cuts.

2. When routing on a wide board, making cuts on thin or narrow wood stock, while handling edges on the table saw, is a much efficient and safer solution. This one is very fruitful in shaping moldings.

3. While shaping identical twin pieces for any appliance, one can easily adjust the pattern bit or a template onto the height of the wood. Most of them are available in thinner width so it won’t take much of your energy.

4. While working on dados, try to make a customized base plate to help you out with the measurements. Start with 0 at the base and you can change it after an interval between the continuous differences among the measurements.

5. With the help of a starting and exit ramp on the template, following through with the cut becomes much effortless.

6. When you make sleds, due to an improper base, you’ll find that many of them have minute difficulties with producing misaligned joints. To get an inflexible sled, add a board in front of it and two top boards that bridge over the workpiece.

7. For cutting tenons you can use clamps, specifically making use of a thinner bit for the router. This helps you to get rail looking efficient cut.

8. Try to use down-cut bits to make chip-free dados because they generally push down the chips to give a smoother cut out of the wood.

9. It becomes very difficult to flatten the wider boards if they don’t fit through the table. To get a solution to this problem, place two guide boards on the wider board along with a large-diameter bit on the router.

These are a few hacks you can try next time while routing.

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