How to Set Up and Use Router Table System

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All these differences will decide what type of result you will get. Here we are going to discuss some basics you should keep in mind while setting up a router table. First of all, learn about some essential accessories related to routing.

The commencing models don’t require a lot of set up but when you look at an advanced router table, there are some changes in the bases and mounting plates. So, basically, there are 3 types of router tables.

Benchtop router table which sits on a workbench and can be kept aside when not in use. Floor-standing router table that has a cabinet and needs some space. Extension router table gets easily attached to a table saw and is affordable in terms of space.

Now when you are aware of some basic information about the routers, let’s have a look at some tips for setting up the same.

Well, there is a number of things you should consider while setting up the router table because its features will decide the quality of cuts.

1. Switch: This is very important to make sure that the switch is in a working condition as it will be easy to switch the router on and off, which means you don’t have to push yourself to reach under the table.

2. Insert Plate: Insert plate is another important feature to look for because this is only that attaches to the router base while setting up the router table. Make sure that it sits flush to the table surface.

To make the height adjustments and changing bits easier, it should be easy to attach and remove the plate and with a router lift, it can become so easy to do.

3. Ring: Nowadays an insert plate is sold with a reducer ring so that you can choose a ring that fits the diameter of the router. The best thing about this feature is that it will lessen any chance of a chip out and will make sure that the cut pieces are not consumed by the opening around the router bit.

4. Fence: The fence of a router table is very important as it will decide the level of accuracy that has to be achieved. A fence manages the workpiece in a correct manner and also intensifies safety that lets you add feather boards, bit guards and other required accessories to the router table.

5. Upgrading router table: When you have your own router table with you, it is quite obvious that you will try to make few adjustments. Feather board and the built-in track are some crucial areas you can upgrade. Beside this, a miter gauge can also be added to make sure that you get pinpoint results.

The more you practice woodworking art the more you want to upgrade your router table. These were some of the tips and tricks you may require to make your router more efficient and versatile.

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