How to choose the best router table

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Many factors affect when you purchase a router table such as getting a table with right slots to secure feather board, adjustable bit guard, right accessories, tips on how to avoid injuries and many more.

You can try some router hacks you should know before doing it right. So, let’s see how and on what basis you can choose the best router table for you.

Router Table with solid and flat top

It would be better if you have a smooth and stiff surface of the table. This kind of top helps you to cut and shape moldings. There are so many advantages of having a router table in your house. Keep those tips with you.

So if you’re looking for the best material in the market, choose MDF, it costs you low and is also durable. The material should be at least 1” thick.

Are you a professional? Then forget even MDF and go for cast iron tops. This is the best material as it is more durable, stable, absorbs more variations and also more expensive.

Rigid and flat base plate

Situated in the hole at the center of the router table, therefore, to support the heavy weight of the router it has to be durable enough. Also, make sure that it fits well at your router table so that the top surface is flat. Well, the base plate holds the bits, ensure that it is adjustable to work with bits of all the sizes.

Of course, the base plate should be compatible but also try to avoid it (if possible) because they often lack required strength.

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The fence must be adjusted easily

In order to manage the cut, one has to apply pressure against the table and the fence. Thus, it must be durable and adjustable. There are one-piece and two-piece fences available. With two-piece fences, you can adjust two pieces closer to the bit but their alignment can be difficult.

Since the fence must be perfectly aligned, thus, you don’t have to face such problem with a one-piece fence. It is the solid piece of wood that can cover both the in-feed and out-feed sides. The drawback of a one-piece fence is they cannot adjust the opening around the bit so it has to big enough to receive the bits.

Dust collector is also equally important

Never forget to purchase a dust collector, I repeat never. Working with wood produces dust and I am sure you also don’t want to work in such environment. But with chips and shavings out of the way, you can breathe properly.

If you don’t have a dust collector, it can create some serious breathing problems, eye and skin irritation, nasal dryness or headaches. Having a dust collector can reduce such accidents. Also, accumulated shavings can make the floor slippery that can easily catch fire.

Dust Collector in Router Table

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