5 Advantages of Keeping a Router Table Around

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Ask a woodworker how to choose the best router table & the advantage of using a Router Table and he would list down a number of reasons that a common man would not be aware of. Ask a common user the same question and he would confidently tell you that it saves you a lot of effort as you don’t have to hold the wood steady in your hand while using the router.

While this advantage holds true, this is not the only benefit of using a Router table.

Router Table

Want to know more benefits of using a Router table? Then read on to gather more information on how this simple table can make your life infinitely easier.

1. Maintenance

One of the best things about using a Router Table is that its maintenance is quite easy. You just need to dust off the sawdust and vacuum it off the surface and the floor and you are all good to go. In fact, using a Router table makes cleaning a wood router quite easy too as you can remove the dust from the table itself once the work is done. Router hacks are done to make your projects more powerful.

2. Enhanced Safety

Another important benefit of using a Router Table is that it ensures your safety. There are fewer chances of you cutting yourself if you have a stationary object to lean upon. It is not a secret that if you use a handheld router, you need to exert pressure once in a while to get the desired cut which can be difficult if you have nothing to support your wood board on and there are a lot of chances of mishaps if special care is not taken.

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3. Precision

A router table helps in providing high precision cuts to the wooden board and ensures that your work is accomplished in one go itself. While handheld routers give efficient cuts, they cannot compete with a router table’s efficient and consistent cuts.

Since the router table is fixed, the router bits are fixed in position while only the board moves which help the user to set up the board in a proper direction to ensure that it is cut precisely in the area it was supposed to be cut.

4. Complex of Cuts

If you want to make intricate patterns on a wooden board, then you need to use a fixed router as a handheld router is only useful for making straight lines and geometric patterns. In such cases, a router table comes handy as it acts like a fixed router and allows you to move the wooden board as you like to achieve the desired pattern.

5. Speedy work

Since the router table is efficient and consistent in providing cuts and making base joints, it also quickens the pace of work and allows you to complete your project quickly and efficiently.

If you were using a handheld router, you would have been slow as you would have to keep an eye on the router tool and the wooden board and would have had to go slowly and precisely to ensure that there were errors on your side. This is not the case in a router table as the router bits are fixed and only the wooden board moves which make the whole process faster and easier.

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