Understanding the Things you Need to Brew Good Coffee

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Coffee is one universally loved beverage that can brighten up even the worst of days. As per the study conducted by a leading coffee making company, the individual preferences of a customer play a major role in determining the kind of coffee maker he/she chooses.

However, there is some pour over coffee setups that are used all across the world. Coffee machines offer a smart solution for caffeine lovers who want to enjoy commercial quality coffee from the comforts of their homes.


The best home-coffee machine setup would comprise of a strong grinder, a kettle with a long gooseneck spout and an accurate scale.

Read on to know about the best coffee making tools and how to use them:

Kalita Wave 185 series glass, launched by Kalita is ideally suited for users looking for a competent coffee maker that brews the most delicious coffee. This 2013 Brewer Cup Champion offers both compatibility and easy functionality.

Also, the top quality framework ensures sturdiness. This coffee machine is equipped with features to allow you to create a mix of flavors, each of which is a treat to the taste buds! However, the proprietary filters are not easily available in the stores – both online and in reality.

Filtering is a cheap way of improving the taste and quality of bad coffee and Wave is a leading brand in the market delivering the best filters to customers. Other than that you can also try out the Bee House or other brands as well such as Kalita, Bonmac, or Melitta.

These filters can be used for both commercial and personal purposes, brewing flavourful and cups of coffee that have a rich consistency. But these brands are only second best to Wave, however, there are benefits that make Bee House special, for instance, the cone filters are easily available.

Both Bee House and Wave Filters are extremely competent but require constant inspection the entire time the coffee is being brewed. For users who are looking for something simpler go for a Clever Dipper, the four filter cones can brew coffee quicker than any other brand, all you have to do is add grind coffee beans, add water and let it rest for some time before straining it into a cup. And although it may not be as competent as a pour over, the filter sure saves a lot of time and effort.

For consumers who want a cheaper alternative, there’s always the AeroPress coffee making products that can effectively reduce the bitterness and acidity levels of coffee thereby improving the taste considerably. But the complex operation and slow process make it a less favorable choice when compared to the above-mentioned brands.

Why is pour over coffee the best?

Want to brew professional quality coffee at home? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Pour over coffee makers are among the most wanted machines.

There are many factors that determine the quality of the coffee prepared, the primary points being the quality of the beans used and the types of machine you use to grind them. Often a cheap and low-grade coffee machine can ruin the flavor of the beans.

Also, pre-ground beans lose their taste over time so much so that even the single origin coffee from Guatemala would taste the same as some low-grade coffee beans. Therefore it is best that you use freshly ground coffee and use proper quantities of it. Brewing the coffee for a few extra minutes using a pour dipper only enhances its flavors and textures.

A good coffee maker can extract about 20% of the beans soluble material, the consistency of the coffee powder, temperature, quantity of the water and its distribution determines how well the machine can extract the flavors.

Using an automatic dripper gives you control over the consistency of the ground beans and proportion in which coffee and water are used. But most automated drippers don’t support higher temperatures and often lead to uneven distribution of water thereby reducing the extraction. A pour-over helps you solve this problem.

Users can control almost every aspect here; from the temperature to the flow and location of water you can decide everything. A pour-over allows you to prepare a cup of coffee as per your individual tastes.

The ideal conditions for brewing include a bean powder consistency same as salt, water heated to about 202 degrees F and an even distribution around the dripper.

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